Historical Accessories & SCA Rapier Armor

Palace Gallery has been a family business for 25 years as a website and by traveling to SCA events under the name of Gipsy Peddler. 

My daughter and I make and sell Italian Renaissance Clothing and Accessories to historical re-enactors and professional performers. We specialize in list-legal SCA rapier armor which is sold under the name of Gipsy Peddler, the oldest division of our company.

Our products have appeared in weddings, theatrical productions, Renaissance fairs and music festivals. We even have a rosary in a museum exhibit in the Netherlands!

We are now traveling to only one event a year which is a large international SCA event in Pennsylvania called Pennsic.

As a result of limited exposure, we decided to open an Etsy shop in 2015, not only to offer our regular fare but also as a way to reduce our stock of items that are being discontinued and are on clearance. 

Now 2 years later, another member of the family (my grand-daughter) has joined the team and with her assistance, we have just opened this new website palacegallery.biz to connect to our Etsy shop and also as a place to merge palacegallery.net and gipsypeddler.com in 2018.

I have always been an artist! I've worked in many mediums, from pen and ink drawings for books to costumes for historical enthusiasts. My work have been in private collections, exhibits, museums and theaters.

When I joined the SCA in 1990, I was naturally drawn to the Arts and Science portion of the society and I have the privilege of being a Laurel for my work in Renaissance Dress Accessories and have taught many classes on the wide range of items this general category covers.

Making accessories became a natural evolution in my research and desire to make an accurate period ensemble because many of the items needed just were not available, especially things like "fleafurs" and "flag fans" so I decided to make them myself.

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we love researching and making them!

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