Patron's Gallery

As in period, where every artisan and craftsman needed patrons to survive, we consider our customers to be our valued patrons and benefactors.  People like you make it possible for us to have such a unique profession.  We offer our heartfelt appreciation to all those that have assisted us in living our dream.

I just got the hats today, they are excellent! I'm an Alumni at George Mason University, and our School mascot is "the Patriot" and our colors are Green and Gold. I will be looking to order more in the 2018! Thank you so much! *Michael Huff

Anna Mowry and Friends

Very high quality hat and personalized service. I got the hat amazingly fast and in time for the party. Thanks so much!! *Anna Mowry, WA

The hat, cockade, and feather were absolutely amazing! Well made, high quality, and it fit perfectly. *Celia MaGilton

Got your Bloodborne hat today and I'm in love! You did a fantastic job. I just want to say how grateful I am that you went out of your way on this one. It's somewhat of a baffling hat and I'm really excited to wear it. Thanks for everything, I really appreciate you working with me on this. *Elias Isele-Castillo

* 19TH CENTURY FELT BICORNES * The hat is perfect and so well made. Thank you!! *Sherry Rozas - Beaded Dragon Designs, TX.....Really high quality beautiful hat and great customer service!! *Britney Schreiber, GA...Looks like I stole it off of Napoleon's head!

* COLONIAL TRICORN & COCKADE * Absolutely outstanding. Perfect shape. Perfect size. Beautiful to look at and comfortable to wear. Shipped very promptly for me. Cockade is brilliant. It's one of those items you always wanted - got it and it's for more than just costumes - I wore it to vote - turned some heads. *Tyson Froment, AZ....Impeccable workmanship. Super service. Went above and beyond to get the hat to me in time for a pre-Haloween costume party. Excellent service! *John Mannix, WA

I love this hat and it fits perfectly! The construction is excellent, the cockade is wonderful, and the communication was superb with very fast shipping. It worked beautifully with the Hamilton George Washington outfit that I made. I really love the fact that you add the historical notes in the item description. Thank you again for such an awesome hat, I wore it all day and practically forgot it was there it was so light and fit so well. *Julie Yakes, CO

Thank you so much! The hat is perfect! It fit Adam to a 'T', and he is most delighted! The quality is wonderful and he looks grand in it. You are so nice, and with great customer service. We'll highly recommend you to everyone! *Mary and Adam Spencer, NH

I like the durability of your products. They can stand the punishment on the combat field, yet remain regal and reflect all the finesse of the period I'm portraying. To me, a lot of the event is feeling and looking good, especially in my rapier fighting--whether I win or lose, I look good doing it in my Gypsy Peddler rapier garb. *Diego Vasco de la Vega - Palatine Baron, Barony of the Far West, West Kingdom

Sometimes it's hard to find the time in my busy schedule to put a rapier kit together. That's where Gypsy Peddler comes in. You have great selection and customer service! I always wear my full Gypsy Peddler ensemble to all my events and demos. Thank you for putting quality, time, and effort in your products. Knowing they are guaranteed to pass the first punch test is also a peace of mind that what I'm stepping out in is also made to meet SCA rapier safety standards. *Diego Vasco de la Vega

Just thought I'd write to say a huge thanks, looking so spiffy it's unbelievable. The doublet fits perfectly and I can move so much better now that I've added some suspenders to the slops. I've added some pictures for you, if you want to use them please feel free. Thanks so much once again, next year I'm going to keep you busy for a while. *Gyles MacLean

You guys are simply amazing! I am beyond pleased! Superb fit and craftsmanship! I look forward to working with you again! Thank you sooooo very much! *Cullen Glasper-Crowell AKA Ambrose Dudley, 3rd Earl of Warwick, Escondido Renaissance Faire, CA

Overall, the hat is excellent, and manages to fit my extra large size head. The perfect addition to my John Smith impression. Great fit and finish, very high quality. Will definitely buy again! *Dakota Springston

*Barry Klohr AKA Steffan von Musbach of Atlantia

This shows me wearing your velvet flat cap with gold beads, which I paired with one of your metallic net snoods. With this ensemble I also wore the matching pouch as well as a large ostrich feather fan and girdle mirror both by you as well. I think the right accessories go a long way to finish an ensemble and yours certainly did the trick! *Nicole Hunsche

WOW! I am thrilled! The flea fur and pomander are just beautiful and arrived so quickly. My pomander and flea fur were such a hit at coronation...Particularly the flea fur!!! It looked so lovely with my Elizabethan gown! I love my Monastery Mirror...Oh my God, it is just gorgeous! Just amazing. The second flea fur is gorgeous... I am so thrilled with everything I have received from you! *Lady Chiara Lucia di Nicola, East Kingdom (Janet De Luca, NY)

* VINTAGE JEWELRY - ANTIQUITIES * This is an absolutely beautiful necklace. Fast and friendly service. *Kathy Rosse, WA.....Beautiful brooch! Excellent seller and fast shipping! *Karen Bonds, TX...I love this beautiful magnifier. *Kathleen Shrestha, MN

* BELT POUCHES & LADIES PURSES * I needed my item (Satin Purse) very quickly. It ended up being DELIVERED the day it was meant to be started. So it got to me even faster than the already extremely tight schedule. Highly recommend! *Laurel LaForge, VT......Even more beautiful in person! Love love love! *Ashley Eich, NJ

I got my accessories today (silver girdle mirror and feather fan and purse) and I love them! Thanks so much for being so accommodating. - *Nicole Hunsche........... I just wanted to say how excited I am that I found your website! I have ordered many things in the past from your mail catalogue and have always loved your merchandise. I have to say that I am constantly surfing the web for good Renaissance accessories and yours are the best by far! I'm going to bookmark your page. *Nicole Hunsche

*Maureen Chalmers

*Baroness Gianetta Lucia Alegretta , East Kingdom (Laurie Boullianne, NY)

* FEATHER FANS * The seller/artist went above and beyond to make me happy. Her work is high quality and I would highly recommend her to all. I will certainly look to her for future renaissance purchases! *Karen Dvorak, IL

I love my Venetian flag! It was the prefect touch to my Italian renaissance gown. The owner was easy to contact through email. The flag came well packaged and on time for a special wedding. Very pleased with this shop! *Maricella Jalbuena, NY.....

Gorgeous Garb! People were snapping pictures of me left and right at the last event. Everyone in Dragonship Haven swears by the quality of your work! You're a very nice lady and I found that to be so 3 years in a row OR I never would have spent that kind of money with you. Yes, your sewing, choice of fabric, etc. is excellent also; however, I purchased from you because of you..your kindness and patience and how you never pushed for a sale! *Lady Aleezabet Ravenna, East Kingdom (Debbi Guzzi, CT)

I have thanked you many times in person over the many years I have patronized your store but I certainly wanted to send you a note to let others know of the splendid work you produce. I now have a number of complete outfits - all of which are top quality, and above all Look Great! Never once have I had any issues with the clothing pieces, even my older doublets that now have several years of wear. You are a master of your craft! *Captain Morgan Ryan MacAnthony, Drunken Mariners

Pirates of Pennsic! - Crew of the "Twilight Mistress" (Pictured above L to R - Max, Captain Morgan, Raven and Mike)

SCA RAPIER ARMOR - GUSSET SHIRTS Great quality shirt - and the quality of their products always keeps me coming back. Shipment was extremely fast and I used it the same day it arrived! *Vaughn Bechtol, OR.....Totally perfect! Excellent customer service!... Beautiful, fast shipping! *Kei Hoffman, Ivory Moth, TX..... Really nice, beautiful garment, can't wait to try it out at practice. Super service and communication. Fits very true to the measurements provided. *Suzanne Shelp, OR

* SCA RAPIER ARMOR - DOUBLETS * This doublet is very well made, from the choice of material to the speaks the period. We are impressed. *Bridget Jeffrey, CA............................................. Gwen does top notch stuff, as usual! Her customer service is beyond outstanding. That’s why I’m a returning customer over a number of years. Proud to wear my GP garb on the rapier field!! *Vaughn Bechtol, OR

*Jack Wright, Atlantia (Greg Gilbert, MD)

* 18TH CENTURY FELT TRICORNS * My husband loves this hat! It looks great and is well made. Very fast work and shipping too. Seller is very nice to communicate with! *Jessica Watterman, PA......Very quick shipping and an excellent, well made product. Accurate sizing, too, particularly important for my XXL head. *Andrew Chestnut, PA

* WIDE BRIM FELT HATS - CAVALIER * Got this as a gift for my friend's birthday, so he could feel like the bard he always plays in our D&D group! It fit him perfectly and brought a huge smile to his face! *Valerie Billard, NJ......This hat is awesome!! The shop's owner was very helpful and really cares that you are happy! I would definitely shop here again. The shipping was very fast. Thank you!! :) *Kacey Clarke, CA...Arrived well packaged, on time, great communication. *Thomas Cole, OR

I was completely impressed with the level of service, start to finish. I love the outfit and have gotten many rave reviews from people I've met. I can't recommend her garments highly enough! Thank you again. Huzzah! *Anthoine DelaCroix de Rouen, Ansteorra (Anthony Godlewski, TX)

Most clothing merchants have either fighter garb or court garb. I have found that Gipsy Peddler (A Division of Palace Gallery) has been able to put together wonderful, sturdy fighter garb that is fancy enough for the highest court and where I have had to replace many fighter pants and shirts from other merchants, I have had no problems with Gipsy Peddler's garb in the 4 years I have worn them and have not had to replace anything! *Lord Athalwolf Ironhand, Atlantia (Tom Ashley, MD)

I'm still bouncing over the outfit. It truly is outstanding. Naturally, I'm showing it off to my friends and they are jealous. *Basia of East Kingdom

* LACED FELT TRICORNS * SPECTACULAR !! I wasn't sure what to expect, perhaps a thin felt with not much body but was pleasantly surprised to find it is Amazing quality, thick, sturdy felt and very well made. I have gotten loads of compliments. Would definitely buy again. * Connie Conley, WA...This is exactly what I wanted and even better quality than I expected! I would definitely order from again! *Lissa McCarthy, TX... What a great product from a great seller. *William Turek, CA

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the doublet and shirt you made for me. They both fit amazingly well and I was nearly speechless with joy the first time I saw myself in them. I am now the best-dressed corpse on the rapier field. I never fail to recommend ou to evryone that shows an interest in rapier here. If someone want the best, it's GIPSY PEDDLER all the way! - *Corbin de la Rue, Meridies (John Wagner)

*Travis Hutchens, Alaska

As Storvik's Baronial Rapier Champion, I have had the pleasure of using a cloak made by the Gipsy Peddler. I didn't think of using one before, but when I step down from my appointment, I will definitely order one for myself! - *Lord Athalwolf Ironhand, Atlantia (Tom Ashley, MD)

Thanks again for the great garb. Everyone goes out of their way to compliment me on it, and of course, I always point them in your direction when they do. *Corbin de la Rue, Meridies (John Wagner)

Your stuff is so consistently good that we're both ready to sing your praises at the drop of a hat, and despite the swarms of very talented garb/armouring types up here, for some reason we always manage to settle down with your catalogue and covet wildly. *Lord Gavin MacAidan, Ealdoremere (Gavin Lusk, Ontario)

I am an unreservedly enthusiastic supporter of Gipsy Peddler. They have always stood behind their wares, providing a very high level of service, professionalism and customer satisfaction. Over the years, I have recommended GP to numerous new fencers for their armor and have never had to regret doing so. It's so much more fun to best your opponent when you look good doing it! With Warmest Regards. - *THL Edmund Cavendish, Meridies (Steve Heydel, TN)

ALL OF OUR PATRONS ARE AWESOME! If you would like to be added to our Patron's Gallery, please send a comment on our service or products along with a picture. THANK YOU EVERYBODY!

Many thanks for getting the rapier garb done and here for Susan's birthday. The fit was perfect and she loved it! *Lady Sine, Atlantia (Jane Sellers, NC) - *Lady Signe, Atlantia (Susan Terry, North Carolina - Pictured above)

*Peter Boullianne, NY - Baron Xavier, East Kingdom

*Lord Bastian, Atlantia (Brian Williamson, SC)

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